Tips: How to Play Overwatch

overwatch clone
It is possible to discuss a lot on the game in
overwatch betting - to disassemble all the heroes and their tricks, arrange a tour of the maps, for example - but it will take a lot of time. And to study these things most still much more interesting than reading about them from someone.

I wanted to prepare a somewhat more general material that will warn newcomers of the mistakes that beginners make almost always, and make the game more enjoyable for them and for their team. So I did.

overwatch clone

Most importantly - learn how to play for several characters. At least for a couple of each class of fighters.The essence of Overwatch (like Team Fortress 2) is to create a balanced team and adapt to the emerging situations. If the team of opponents at once several characters are strong against your choice, then it is likely to be replaced.

Do not be stubborn. Yes, perhaps you want to play for your favorite attacking hero and show everyone how well you can kill people, but if your team does not have a healer, then most likely it's worthless to her. Listen to the recommendations of the game on the character selection screen - this will make your team more balanced and increase your chances of winning.

If you start from scratch, take the healers

Healers are the perfect first choice. So you can still kill (I know you want it), but at the same time you will bring much more profit to the team than one more worthless Bastion, and on the way to learn critical skills.

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A good start is Winston. With him, you do not need to be accurate (his Tesla-gun is aimed at the nearest targets itself), but it's vital to balance your strengths and break into a fight when this really will work. There is always a temptation to jump a fat gorilla into the center of the enemy team ... and ingloriously die before you get any scare. Winston teaches to catch the moment, look for opportunities and competently play them.

Reinhardt does the same, but his job is not to make noise in the enemy's rear, but to stand with the team and cover it with himself. However, with its brute force, too, it is necessary to break from time to time. As soon as you train the shutter speed and stop living the nailing spurt whenever he rolls back, you will become a little better - as a player and as a person.

And yes, Winston is very cool to jump from one end of the map to the other, and Reinhardt - throw every little thing. Do not think that they are some kind of bores.


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