Overwatch: The Game has a New Hero. What do You Need to Know?

Name: Ram
Real name: Hammond
Age: 14 years
Occupation: pilot of the bellows, mechanic
Operational base: the lunar colony "Horizon" (in the past), Junkettown (in the past)
Affiliation: absent 


taran overwatch

Taran hero overwatch

"Do not annoy the hamster!" 
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In one of numerous experiments scientists of the lunar colony "Horizon" used gene therapy to help animals adapt to a long stay on the moon. But some experimental subjects showed unexpected side effects: a rapid increase in body size and an increase in brain activity. Although mostly gerillas and other primates acted as experimental animals, there were exceptions - for example, hamster Hammond.

Like other animals, Hammond became smarter and interested in the world around him. To the astonishment and bewilderment of scientists, Hammond constantly escaped from surveillance and explored different parts of the lunar base. Although he was always found and returned to the cage, no one knew the true purpose of Hammond's nighttime adventures: the hamster studied mechanics with might and main, and soon these skills came in handy.

Once, several gorillas rebelled against scientists and took control of the colony, plunging it into chaos. However, not all animals supported them, and the gorilla Winston devised a plan to escape to Earth. Hammond realized that it was time to act. He picked up the homemade capsule and secretly docked it to Winston's ship when he started. Upon entering the Earth's atmosphere, Hammon's capsule separated and landed elsewhere: it was the desert of Australian Outback.

Hammond remade his life-saving capsule to participate in fights between the furs in the Landfill and earn money. "Taran" moved ever higher in the table, until he became the champion of the arena - no one knew about the personality of his pilot. Taking the win, Hammond was able to improve his fur to survive the dangerous journey from Outback, which was controlled by Vultures.

Finally, having achieved freedom, Hammond went to wander around the world in search of adventure.


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