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Overwatch Character Manual

In the list of characters Overwatch there are 21 heroes, and this is a decent variety. Each of them has its own abilities, strengths and style of play, which helps to really open up on the battlefield, but independent finding of all this in the process takes a lot of time and effort. I've compiled a comprehensive guide for each character with an analysis of abilities and useful advice on the strategy of the game.

In Overwatch it's important to cover all the variety, so do not get hung up on one character. If any strategy does not suit you, the best option is to switch to another hero.

It's also worth noting that, like in any other competitive game, the balance and meta-component change over time, so I tried to give you a good understanding of the basics, and I will warn if any tips can go out of fashion.

Overwatch came out not so long ago, but forums and comments around the Internet are already bursting with various tactics, advice and complaints about this or that hero. …

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